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Valentine’s Day Sweets

Valentine’s Day is often associated with an abundance of sweets, but with a new year and renewed goals for healthier eating, this holiday can pose a hurdle for some of us. This sweet holiday doesn’t have to derail your healthy eating, especially if you follow these nutritionist-approved tips!

1. Enjoy a sweet treat, in moderation. If you’re craving a sweet treat, don’t deprive yourself. This can lead to over-indulgence later. Allow yourself to enjoy a piece of that candy, or chocolate cake, just don’t eat the whole box!

2. Consider some healthy substitutions. There are many recipes for chocolate mousse which use avocado to achieve that creamy texture in place of cream. Substituting coconut oil for butter or shortening when baking adds more healthy fats without altering the flavor substantially.

3. Remember that fruit is a great way to enjoy something sweet and offers a variety of nutrients and health benefits. Dark chocolate-covered strawberries are a great choice, with the health benefits of the strawberries and antioxidants provided by the dark chocolate. Just be sure the dark chocolate is at least 70% cacao. Or try creating a simple, yet elegant parfait with fresh berries, layered with cubes of angel food cake and chocolate frozen yogurt.

We hope these tips help your healthy-eating goals stay on track this Valentine’s Day! For additional tips check out our Holiday Nutrition Blog, and don’t forget that our nutritionist Dominique is here as a resource if you have questions or need a little extra guidance!