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Is Your Bag Causing Back Pain?

Could the way you carry bags be harming your back? Perhaps. Lugging around heavy bags can cause or worsen pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. The size and weight of bags, as well as the posture used to carry them, can lead to aches and pains. Small fixes, like how much you put in the bag or how you carry it can make a world of difference for the health of your spine. Make these three adjustments to your bag behavior to avoid injury.

1) Think minimalistic.

Do your best to carry only what you absolutely need. Commonly, it’s an accumulation of small items can weigh you down. Do a weekly purge of your bag to empty out spare coins and other non-essentials, which can really add up in weight!

2) Try a different bag.

Use as small of a bag as you can. It’s simple: the smaller the bag, the less you can put in it. Oversized bags invite you to carry tons of stuff. If you absolutely need the extra bag real estate, consider using a backpack, which will evenly distribute weight between your shoulders.

3) Switch sides.

Carrying too much weight on one shoulder twists your back more to one side, which results in an uneven strain. If you carry a bag with a single strap, carrying it on the same side all the time can permanently corrupt your posture. Switch up which side carries the bag. Regularly switch the strap between your left and right shoulder, or if it’s a carry bag with handles, alternate between your left and right hands.

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