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Physical Therapy

At the Denver Spine and Pain Institute, we are a group of highly educated and skilled Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants who specialize in working with the spine as well as a wide variety of other conditions. Whether you are recovering from a knee or ankle injury, have back pain, or are an athlete with a shoulder injury, we are here to help.

The foundation of your treatment begins with thoroughly understanding the source of your pain. At your initial evaluation, we will perform an exam to better understand the source of your pain, and any secondary issues that may be present, then collaborate with you to design a treatment plan tailored to meet your specific goals. We take into account your lifestyle and schedule, as well as your goals for getting back to enjoying life. Typically, physical therapy includes a combination of therapeutic exercise and manual therapy. However, we may recommend other treatment approaches based on your specific condition and preferences.

Your experience in physical therapy may include:

Physical therapy is considered a conservative approach and research has shown that it has the potential to help many patients prevent the need for more invasive interventions, such as surgery. Physical therapy can also decrease or eliminate the need for medications in many patients. At The Denver Spine and Pain Institute you may undergo physical therapy alone or in conjunction with procedures offered by our medical team, such as diagnostics, medication or various types of injections targeted at decreasing pain, reducing inflammation, or regenerating tissue. This is a coordinated effort between you, your physical therapy team, and your medical team.

Learning to Move Without Pain

The relationship between pain and movement can be difficult to balance. For instance, after an injury or surgery, it is often important to avoid doing too much, too fast. Conversely, many people are fearful of causing additional pain and injury and tend to avoid movement, which can make your recovery longer and more difficult. As experts in human movement, we are here to help you find the right balance for your body.

We will teach you which movements are safe and which ones should be temporarily avoided. We will address the source, or sources of your pain, then we will coach you on how to gradually move more and more, with less and less pain until you are back to feeling better and doing what you love! Through the course of your physical therapy program, you will likely learn to listen to your body in new ways.

In most cases, the phrase “no pain, no gain” does not apply to rehabilitation, so if an exercise is causing increased pain, please stop and let us know. You are the primary expert on your body, and your collaboration in your care is vital to a successful physical therapy experience.

In the state of Colorado, you do not need a referral for physical therapy, so you are welcome to come see us directly. You also may wish to make an appointment with our medical team first, if you are not sure whether you need medical treatment before beginning PT. Know that regardless of who you see first, the team at the Denver Spine and Pain Institute will thoroughly evaluate you and recommend treatment based on your unique needs and preferences. We collaborate to provide you with the best all-around care possible to get you back to life. We look forward to serving you and are grateful to be your physical therapy team!

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Excellent Comprehensive Care

At the Denver Spine and Pain Institute, we understand how pain can negatively impact your rehabilitation efforts. Our team is committed to providing you with the tools necessary to enjoy your favorite activities and perform routine daily activities with ease. Our goal is to help you live life to the fullest once again.

Our Connected Care Approach™ is specifically designed to get you back to enjoying life faster. This approach involves:

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