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The providers at The Denver Spine and Pain Institute understand the importance of offering a range of treatment options to our patients. We are each unique, with individual symptoms and needs that means treatment for pain cannot be a one-size fits all approach. With this in mind, you can expect that your care team will take the time needed to understand your symptoms, accurately diagnose your pain and offer treatments according to your needs. This includes:

Pain Diagnostics

Proper treatment of pain first begins with a proper diagnosis as to the source of your pain. The providers at The Denver Spine and Pain Institute will utilize your history, physical examination, imaging, nerve testing, and/or injections to diagnose your pain.

Pain Management

Pain management broadly refers to the arsenal of tools our providers have at their disposal to help you get back to enjoying all life has to offer. It includes things such as:

Behavioral Health/Pain Psychology

Your state of mind can have a powerful impact on your perception and management of pain. Pain can have associated problems, such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia, and it is important to address these if they are present. Not only does this provide comprehensive care, but also helps ensure you have better results from the care plan you and your provider decide upon.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy often will include a combination of therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, balance training, dry needling and cupping, which is tailored to you. It can be a first line of treatment for pain or injury, or it may be utilized in combination with one of the above modalities to allow you to make greater advances. It can also be used post-treatment or post-operatively to help you recover. The physical therapy team at The Denver Spine and Pain Institute will carefully assess your needs, discuss your goals and develop a care plan with you and your physician to help you get back to the activities you love.

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