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BioRestorative Therapies Announces Clinical Site Initiation for the Company’s Phase 2 Clinical Trial to Treat Chronic Lumbar Disc Disease (cLDD)

— First Site Will Enroll First Patient in the Clinical Study– 

MELVILLE, NY., June 13, 2022 – BioRestorative Therapies, Inc. (the “Company” or “BioRestorative”) (NASDAQ: BRTX), a clinical stage company focused on stem cell-based therapies, today announced site initiation for its Phase 2 clinical trial targeting chronic lumbar disc disease (cLDD). The Denver Spine and Pain Institute is the first clinical site to be initiated.  Additional selected sites are expected to be initiated in 2022.

BioRestorative’s Phase 2 trial is a double-blind controlled, randomized study to evaluate the safety and preliminary efficacy of a single dose intradiscal injection of the Company’s autologous investigational stem cell-based therapeutic, BRTX-100. A total of up to 99 eligible patients will be randomized at up to 15 centers in the United States to receive either the investigational drug (BRTX-100) or control in a 2:1 fashion.

“Currently there are no approved, cell-based therapies for cLDD. While there is encouraging data that suggests that patients with cLDD could benefit from autologous stem cell transplants, the low oxygen micro-environment of the disc makes cell-based therapies challenging. BRTX-100 is manufactured under low oxygen conditions and engineered to survive this environment,” said Scott Bainbridge, M.D., Principal Investigator for the BRTX-100 trial at The Denver Spine and Pain Institute. “Positive proof-of-concept data in this trial could be disruptive and support the potential applicability of BRTX-100 to other spine and musculoskeletal disorders where low oxygen micro-environments are found.”

“We are pleased to initiate the first of several sites across the United States that will be enrolling for the trial,” said Lance Alstodt, Chief Executive Officer of BioRestorative Therapies. “Our sites have been carefully reviewed and selected and have clinical expertise in treating patients who could potentially benefit from BRTX-100.  We look forward to working with the principal investigators and their clinical trial teams.”


About BioRestorative Therapies, Inc.

BioRestorative Therapies, Inc. (www.biorestorative.com) develops therapeutic products using cell and tissue protocols, primarily involving adult stem cells.  Our two core programs, as described below, relate to the treatment of disc/spine disease and metabolic disorders:

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