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Drs. Bainbridge and Trainor Attend Regenerative Medicine Conference in California

Dr. Bainbridge and Dr. Trainor recently attended a regenerative medicine conference in Newport Beach California to learn more about the regenerative and healing properties of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and platelet rich plasma (PRP).  Specifically, they learned the value of using both stem cells and platelet rich plasma in combination to take advantage of the unique characteristics of both to provide the best possible outcomes for their patients in the treatment of back, joint, and tendon problems.  They also learned new, relatively pain free ways to collect stem cells from both the bone marrow and adipose tissue (fat) to make the process as comfortable as possible for their patients.  If you have questions about regenerative medicine and whether or not this might be a good treatment option for you, please call 303-327-5511 and schedule a consultation today.

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