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FAST Study

FAST – Interventional Treatment for Low Back and/or Leg Pain

The Denver Spine and Pain Institute is excited to announce that we are actively enrolling patients in a clinical study utilizing spinal cord stimulation to treat low back and leg pain.

“A Study to Demonstrate the Value of Paresthesia-Free Fast-Acting Subperception (FAST) and other SCS therapies using WaveWriter™ Spinal Cord Stimulator Systems in the Treatment of Chronic Pain”

Principle Investigator: Drew Trainor, DO

Sub-Investigators: J. Scott Bainbridge, MD; Monica Gordon, PA-C

Sponsor: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Status: Enrolling Patients

Condition: Chronic low back pain and/or leg symptoms


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Ask your provider about any of our studies, or call our Research Department to find out if you may be a candidate!