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Medication Take Back Program

Guidelines for disposing narcotic medications

Dropping off your medications is the best way to make sure that old medicine does not accidentally get misused or abused.

Protect from accidental poisoning.

Throwing away old or unused medication in a responsible manner can help protect people from accidental poisoning. Young children can accidentally poison themselves by taking pill that were prescribed for adults.  Older children and teens may be tempted to experiment with easily available medications, causing harm to themselves or their friends.

Protect our drinking water and natural resources.

Whenever possible, try not to flush medication down the toilet or throw used medicine in the regular trash. This disposal method can pollute lakes, streams and drinking water. Studies have show that medicine flushed into the toilet is never fully eliminated, and can eventually show up in the drinking water. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has started a program which helps people safely dispose of prescription medications. Follow the link below to find more details and a location near you to dispose of medications.