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Physical Therapists

Physical therapy plays a vital role in healing from an injury, dealing with joint, neck, or back pain, and improving your strength and mobility.  At The Denver Spine and Pain Institute, our highly trained physical therapists help you get back on your feet to continue doing the activities you enjoy.  But what exactly is a physical therapist, and how do they become educated and trained to do what they do?

A physical therapist is a highly-educated, licensed health care professional who helps patients reduce their pain, improve and restore mobility, and increase bodily function after surgery, accident or injury.  Using physical therapy preventatively can help patients avoid expensive surgery, or reduce the need for long-term use of powerful pain medications which may have serious side effects.

An important aspect of physical therapy is the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of each patient.  Using manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, modalities, and a home exercise program, physical therapists create a program to fit the unique needs and goals of every patient.

Like physicians, physical therapists may specialize conditions or regions of the body, such as the spine or joints.  Physical therapists at Denver Back Pain Specialists not only specialize in spine pain treatment but also other orthopedic conditions such as joint injuries and carpal tunnel. Further, they are experts in addressing knee, ankle, wrist, hip, elbow, and shoulder problems.

One of the key features that distinguish physical therapists at Denver Back Pain Specialists from other clinics is our spine-specialized therapy and sport-specialized therapy.  Our expert physical therapists, who hold a doctorate level of education in physical therapy, have specialized in spine treatment for more than 15 years and utilize manual physical therapy, neurological re-education, and therapeutic exercise to improve all neck, back, joint, or other injuries.

If you suffer from spine, neck, back, or any other kind of pain, call us today at (303)327-5511 to schedule an appointment.  Our physical therapists will work with you to find the best treatment program for your unique needs.

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