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Summer Wellness

Summer has finally arrived! We hope you are outside reading or enjoying your favorite sport. With warmer weather and the sunshine comes more free time for outdoor sports and activities such as gardening, rugby, tennis, hiking, cycling, and golf. More time outdoors or out on the green, or even cleaning out the garage, can mean an increased potential for injury. Therefore, physical therapy plays a crucial role in both preventing injury and treating aches and pains which threaten to sideline you for the summer. Whether you enjoy playing a pick-up game of basketball with friends or are an elite athlete, our team is ready to get you back in the game.

At Denver Back Pain Specialists, our physical therapists specialize in injury and sports rehabilitation techniques designed to reduce pain associated with an acute injury or surgery as well as help reduce everyday aches and pains. Our sport specialized therapy utilizes a variety of techniques including manual physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, neuro re-education, modalities, and an individualized exercise program catered to your specific goals and needs.

In one-on-one treatment sessions with a physical therapist, you will receive a specific rehabilitation plan for the activity or sport of your choice. This treatment plan will address current pain and injury, as well as include a sport-specific exercise program to prevent re-injury. We even offer golf swing evaluation and performance programs to target specific ways to improve your golf swing and reduce your risk of injury. Our sport specialized therapy, which is not offered by all physical therapists, makes Denver Back Pain Specialists a cut above all the rest.

For more information about our sport rehabilitation programs or to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists, call us today at (303)327-5511. Do not spend the summer playing through the pain or watching from the sidelines; let us help you play to your full potential!

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