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Tai Chi and Your Spine

Tai Chi is an ancient art form that has health benefits, as well as being a Martial Art.  Tai Chi has been studied as a form of therapeutic exercise and has been shown to improve balance and prevent falls in the elderly.  It provides cardiovascular, strength, stress and pain management and other health benefits, as well.  When done properly, with guidance, it can also be a safe and effective way to improve leg strength, hip range of motion, and posture, and is a gentle way to improve neck, shoulder and arm range of motion and movement patterns. The integration of breathing, movement, and energy awareness aspects of this exercise form equates to a “spine-healthy” activity.

Look for experienced instructors in your community, or to books or videos to get you started or to advance your practice of Tai Chi or related arts such as Qigong (Chi Kung). [1-6]

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