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Thoracic Pain

Thoracic Back Pain

What is the Thoracic Spine?

Your thoracic spine is the mid-back region. It is located between the neck (cervical spine) and the low back (lumbar spine) and has limited motion. It consists of 12 vertebrae, labeled T1–T12.

The main functions of the thoracic spine are:

What Causes Thoracic Spine Pain?

One-Time Injuries

In some instances, your thoracic spine pain may be caused by an injury associated with a one-time event. These include:

Wear-and-Tear Injuries

As we age, it is normal to have some degeneration in the components of the spine. These include:

Nerve Injuries

Nerve pain in the thoracic spine is uncommon, but can include:

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Treatment for Thoracic Spine Pain

At the Denver Spine and Pain Institute, we recommend conservative treatments whenever possible. Depending on the specific cause of your pain, your treatment may include:

If these conservative treatments fail to provide adequate relief, surgery may be necessary. Our team will perform all appropriate diagnostic testing prior to your surgical consultation to determine the precise cause and location of your pain. These diagnostic tests will provide your surgeon with the information necessary to plan your procedure.

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Restoring a Pain-Free Life

Chronic thoracic spine pain can significantly impact the quality of your life, making it hard to perform routine daily tasks and participate in your favorite activities. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with this pain any longer. At the Denver Spine and Pain Institute, we offer the most advanced treatments to alleviate your pain, helping you enjoy life again.

We’re the only sports, back and pain specialists in the country providing a Connected Care Approach™ specifically designed to get you back to enjoying life faster. This approach involves:

  • A full spectrum of care, including physicians, physical therapy, massage, diet and lifestyle coaching, behavioral health, research, and cutting edge treatment options
  • Developing caring and therapeutic relationships that address your unique needs
  • Discussing options and providing the guidance you need from a dedicated healthcare partner
  • Mobilizing an experienced team who coordinates your care program
A Connected Care Approach™
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